Dr. Nicolette is currently serving greater San Diego with several mobile holistic health offerings. To learn more, book a free consult!


Traditional Chinese Medicine

Herbal Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine for internal medicine. 


Medical massage and intuitive bodywork.

TCM Tutoring

Get your study on.


Reverse massage detoxification.


Light body activation and negative energy clearing.


Messages from your guides.


“Laying on the hands” energy healing.

My Favorite Healing Modalities

As a healing professional, it is my intention to specialize in the Chakra system as a tool for personal development of the individual, to address psychological, physical, spiritual blocks to optimum human performance.

I am extremely passionate about holistic healthcare education. Education is one of my favorite healing modalities of all time. I believe our country and world could really use more practical use knowledge about how to take care of ourselves, each other, and our planet. 

I am dedicating my professional acupuncture practice to the study of Esoteric Acupuncture which combines the Chakra system with Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Qabbalistic Tree of Life, and Sacred Geometry to help humans connect more strongly to higher spiritual realms.

In my daily healing journey, I give context to the “themes” of my life and what I should be learning through the use of different forms of Divination. My most favorite modalities of divination are Pendulum, Tarot or Oracle Cards, and I-Ching coin throwing.

I love any and all “laying of the hands” energy healing therapies. I am a practitioner of Negative Energy Release Work (NERW) which uses trance meditation to induce clients into a relaxed state so their guides, angels, and ascended masters of their path may clear their energy body up to the 100th chakra level and beyond.

Event Offerings

Hire Nicolette to cultivate the energy at your next party, event, or workshop.

Massage or Reiki

Event or workplace bodywork at an hourly rate or individual pay. I’ll bring a signup sheet and two table set up to give bodywork to your employees or event attendees

Event Divination

I’ll bring my tarot card reading setup and bring several divination tools to your event, party, or workplace.

Group Meditation

Group guided inner plane meditation for the purpose of clearing the chakras. AKA “Negative Energy Release Work”

Chakra Education

Biophysical explanation of the Human Energy Field, utilizing the chakra system for diagnosis and treatment of energetic imbalances

Prevention is better than cure

Preventative medicine is a lifestyle which fosters greater health and longevity. If you are in a position where you can dedicate a recurring budget to your health now, it will pay in dividends later in life. 

Your body is a machine. It’s important to keep it well oiled and tuned up regularly. When you incorporate bodywork, spiritual activation, and meditation into your daily health routine, you are doing the work to heal yourself. 

When we heal ourselves, it creates a ripple effect to help heal the collective.