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Holistic Healthcare Practice of Dr. Nicolette Natrin “The Chakra Acupuncturist” located within The Switch House in Banker’s Hill, San Diego

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Holistic Healthcare

Acupuncture, Herbs, Massage Therapy, Energy Healing in San Diego

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Greetings! I’m Dr. Nicolette ☥

“The Chakra Acupuncturist”

Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, Certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Founder of Om Kinetics Acupuncture, Inc.

Welcome to Om Kinetics, the spiritual community center in San Diego, manifesting now! On this website, you can invite me to be a facilitator of your health or participate in any of my passion projects such as the 100 Shields of Light or the OMbaseSD newsletter. 😁

My mission is to build spiritual community in San Diego, which involves YOU of course! Thank you for the gift of your presence and support. I look forward to seeing you soon at our OK Meetup! 🥰

My Expertise

Esoteric Acupuncture

Chakra Acupuncture

Herbal Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chakras / Human Energy Field

Lifestyle for Expanded Consciousness

Massage Therapy

Reiki Energy Healing

Eastern Philosophy

Life Planning / Purpose

Meditation / Energy Cultivation / Protection

Ascended Masters / Galactics / Angels / Guides

My Mission Statement

I help people to solve their health problems and optimize their human performance through holistic healing. I utilize acupuncture, herbs, supplements, massage, energy healing, holistic education, Chakra theory, and lifestyle coaching to help individuals heal at the root etheric level.

My Approach & Values

My top values as a practitioner are health, spirituality, sustainability, professionality, and punctuality.

What differentiates me from the competition is my unique synergistic style which fuses several energy work modalities. My practice management style demonstrates my commitment to the long-term wellbeing and personal growth of my clients.

My style of execution can be characterized as playful, joyous, confident, direct, efficient, and thorough. My passion for healing modalities is always showcased in the synergistic elements of my treatments. It’s guaranteed that working with me will soon, or immediately, expose you to the magical experiences of Reiki, herbology, aromatherapy, sound healing, divination (pendulum, cards, I-Ching), visualizations, meditations, Gua Sha, fire cupping, moxibuston and massage.

As a Negative Energy Release Work (NERW) practitioner, I am able to recite guided trance meditations during treatment. From this altered state, your spiritual guidance team can clear you of any third-party negative energies that you may have picked up from toxic people or environments.


“I was sent for acupuncture by my doctor for myofascial pain in my neck, and it is really loosening up that area thanks to Dr. Nicolette. I chose to work with her because of her particularly special and open aura, devotion to her practice, and sincerity; I couldn’t be more pleased with my selection. She is such an upbeat person and so receptive to me setting boundaries, it’s an unusual opportunity for me to feel safe. I think it could even benefit my mental health in the long term.”

– Heather R.

“Dr. Nicolette is one of the most amazing human beings I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I didn’t know what to expect in my first Reiki session, but it was outstanding. You can tell she loves what she does because of the attention to detail and the fantastic and enhanced energy you feel while with her. After my reiki session, everyone was commenting on how happy I looked, and that’s because I left her office floating; I can’t remember the last time I felt that great. My second session had just happened, and it was terrific. I am taking a friend to have a session with Dr. Nicolette because I know it will positively impact them. I can assure you it will feel like only 10 minutes have passed when, in reality, it has been over 50 minutes or more. I couldn’t recommend Dr. Nicolette enough to you. Please do yourself a favor and book an appointment with her. You will leave feeling amazing; so much joy, love, and peace will fill your being, and even the flowers and trees will look better than before your session. Think I’m exaggerating? Go ahead and see (feel) for yourself.”

– Kayla B.

As another Doctor of Acupuncture in the field, I am very particular when it comes to choosing a practitioner for myself. Dr. Nicolette is the Acupuncturist I choose. She creates a calm atmosphere where I feel genuinely cared for and understood. I went to her in a time period when I was feeling emotionally heartbroken, and enduring so much physical pain. She went above and beyond with every session, and I always felt better afterwards. When I initially started with her I felt like I was a totaled car, flipped over and flaming on the side of the road. She mechanically crafted a treatment plan that I feel saved me from all the pain I was feeling inside. If you want a happier and healthier life, then I say don’t delay. Contact her and experience a profound healing that doesn’t fade away. -With Love and gratitude,

– Dr. James Verdi, DACM, L.Ac.