Health Benefits of Reiki

What is Reiki – the “laying of the hands” energy healing modality?

A Reiki practitioner uses their body and hands as a channel to transport energy Universal Life Force Energy from the Universal Energy Field (UEF) into a Human Energy Field (HEF) for the purpose of healing the human body on all dimensions.

Reiki is what is considered energetic or vibrational medicine, which works on the subtle energetic level, both physical and non-physical planes. It awakens the body’s innate healing ability.

Reiki directs Qi/Prana/Ch’i AKA “life force energy” to the finer subtle bodies which both permeate and originate the dense physical body.  The emotional, mental, etheric, and astral bodies, through the chakra energy centers all makeup the multidimensional body, so we may metabolize spiritual energy to and from our environments in every experience of life.

Reiki utilizes the chakra system to heal the whole individual beyond the confines of time, space, or distance. This is why Reiki is specially equipped to treat dis-eases of unknown origin from a Western medical perspective. This can be done remotely, or from any location on Earth.

Reiki treats dis-eases at the root level, as most physical, emotional, mental or spiritual ailments originate on the etheric level of the human vessel due to “emotional trauma, negative thought patterns, or spiritual despair (Stein, 1996).” 

A Reiki treatment may be likened to the charging of a battery, where the most appropriate amount of energy goes where it is most needed in order to correct any imbalances.


Reiki has the potential to benefit all who experience it.

It is an ancient and universal healing tool with an immeasurable potential to accelerate the healing and ascension of all of humanity.

To facillitate the treatment, the practitioner may lay the hands on- or off-body to intentionally direct the energy. Essential oils, gemstones, or vibrational instruments may also be incorporated into a Reiki treatment to amplify the effects of the intuitive healing process.

During or after a session, the recipient of Reiki may feel a shift in their energy field which may manifest as an increase in energy, a shift in perception, or an emotional release.

It is not necessary to fully understand or “believe” in Reiki to experience benefits from a treatment. All that is required is consent by all parties. 

25 Reasons to Get Reiki

Below are most common reasons individuals seek Reiki treatments.

1. Relieve stress and anxiety

2. Increase energy levels

3. Relax your mind and body

4. Release emotions

5. Relieve acute or chronic pain

6. Improve sleep

7. Increase inspiration & creativity

8. Supplement cancer treatments or chemo

9. Prepare for or integrate life changes

10. Clear your energy body

11. Support substance rehabilitation

12. Ease the passage of death

13. Overcome latent fears

14. Find clarity or purpose in life

15. Have a spiritual experience

16. Connect with angels & guides

17. Improve self-esteem

18. Decrease depression

19. Reduce heart rate & blood pressure

20. Improve quality of life

21. “Ground down” or “ascend higher”

22. Expand ability to love

23. Support surgery before or after

24. Feel loving touch and connection

25. Support fertility treatments

Human Hands Heal

My Unique Style of Reiki

What distinguishes me from other Reiki practitioners is my unique energy signature, my passion for the healing art, and my meditative self-cultivation.

I combine energy body activation meditation, intuitively-directed healing touch, and goal-oriented client care to ensure sustainable gains are made as it pertains to my clients’ individual health goals. I also cultivate my own well-being so I can be as present and joyous as possible in our session together.

The clients I attract are those that are actively calling in more light, love, and awareness into their life, so they can heal themselves on every level. It would be my honor to maintain your human vehicle. Our objective is to keep your body like a well-oiled machine so you can increase your human performance.

By guiding each client into a meditative state, incorporating sacred healing tools, and following my extra-sensory guidance, I promise to spend each hour together in full presence and love, holding space for your healing journey.


What you can expect from an initial Reiki session is the intake of a divinatory reading from one of my tarot or oracle decks, if you desire. We will intend for a message from your guides to direct your healing experience and further your ascension to higher states of consciousness.

During the session, I’ll intend for a mystical embodied experience for you that incorporates loving touch, scent, relaxing sounds, guided meditation, and light breathwork. I may, at times, use gemstones, essential oils, tuning forks, singing bowls, or chimes to treat your physical, emotional, or mental maladies from the etheric (root) level.

As a Negative Energy Release Work (NERW) practitioner, I often recite a 10-15 minute guided trance meditation during the Reiki session to clear your energy field up to the 100th Chakra level. From this altered state, your spiritual guidance team have the ideal circumstance to clear your energy body of any third-party negative energies that you may have incurred from toxic people or environments.

I look forward to working with you. 🙂



Frequently Asked

How large of a space do I need for the treatment?

10 x 6 feet is the least amount of area required to conduct a mobile massage or energy work session in your home or office space. However, 10 x 12 feet is ideal.

Where do you travel from?

I live in Banker’s Hill in San Diego. Most of my clients are within a 30-minute radius from my home base. If you require a greater travel time, please feel free to contact me for any questions specific to your location.

Do you do events?

Yes, I do offer massage and energy work for work events, parties, and other special events. 

Please contact me directly so we can discuss your request.

What to Expect: Mobile Bodywork

Mobile bodywork services are scheduled at the client’s choice of location, usually at their home for optimal convenience and comfort. All mobile massage and Reiki services are professional and non-sexual in nature.

After you submit a booking request as a new patient, I will call you to confirm your location and answer any of your questions related to the treatment before we confirm.

You will receive medical massage and Reiki intake forms to complete before the start of the treatment. You will receive text reminders of your appointment if you choose.

I will arrive at the location of your choice 15 minutes in advance of your appointment start time in order to set up the treatment space. I will bring with me a massage table, linens, music, and essential oils. I use 100% pure and natural fractionated coconut oil for my massages. 

In my Reiki treatments, I may incorporate the use of instruments as well as gemstones.