100 Shields of Light Project

100 Shields of Light is a research project and future book about the various techniques that humans utilize in order to protect and cleanse their energy fields. 

What is a “Shield of Light?”

A “shield of light” is any kind of energy body protection or cleansing technique that allows a person to maintain their health before, during, or after they have interacted with challenging people, situations, or environments. 

How the Project Works

100 energy protection and cleansing techniques will be selected for the final book by combining individual interviews and submissions from this page.

Each shield feature will take up 2 pages – one page will feature an artist-rendered illustration and the other page will provide a description of the technique.

Know an illustrator who may be interested in participating? Please contact us.


Please share this project with anyone you know!


Submit your shield using the form on this page!



You will be contacted for more details as we begin the publish process.

Examples of Shields of Light

The purpose of this project is to ask everyday people to describe their specific protection or cleansing technique which is unique to them.

If your favorite method is listed here, we encourage you to submit your technique regardless. No matter how simple it may seem to you, someone may benefit from learning your unique spin on a commonly used technique. 

Below are some examples of energy protection and cleansing techniques:

Visualization Techniques


Music or Sound


Prayers, Mantras, Affirmations


Physical Exercise

Holding Talismans



Everyone Uses “Shields of Light”

While this project and book are made with lightworkers (energy healers or spiritually-minded workers) in mind, individuals of all professions utilize protection and cleansing techniques (sometimes unknowingly) to maintain the integrity and health of their human energy field.

Professions that may necessitate the most protection or cleansing practices are those which consistently damage the physical, mental or emotional body. Even jobs that are not inherently stressful may cause you to come into contact with diverse people and energies which could tax the energy system from over-exposure.

Constant protection or cleansing may be a part of your daily life if your workplace or lifestyle exposes you to the following:



Toxic Chemicals

Public Speaking or Excessive Social Interaction (such as social media)

Air Travel

New Life

Fossil Fuels

Natural Disaster Relief (such as firefighting)

Waste Disposal


Emotionally Charged, Unhappy, or Angry People

Law Enforcement or Legal Disputes

Submit Your Shield Here!

I’ve submitted, now what?

This project will run for a few months or until we collect 100 shields of light to feature in the final book. If you haven’t already, please share!

If your technique is selected, we will contact you before the final publish.

In the meantime, please explore our growing spiritual community here in San Diego. You can visit our community page, join our newsletter, or schedule a private healing session with Nicolette.


Intention for World Peace

Thank you for taking the time to bring love to our humanity. 

With each submission, we call in 10 Million angels of light for world peace.

Om, peace, amen, Namaste.


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